Jewellery Care

How to Care For Your Jewellery

Our curated edit of jewellery is made to the highest standards, and if you treat it right, it will last you a lifetime.

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil isn’t a big fan of hairsprays or face creams, so just make sure accessorising is the thing you do when getting ready. It also likes to be kept dry, so take it off before exercising, washing your hands or getting in the shower. Simple.

Gold Plating

Gold-plated pieces don’t want anything to dull their shine, so put them on after all your skincare products have been fully absorbed into your skin. They hate sweat and water, so keep them well away from the pool and safe on dry land.

Sterling Silver

Silver jewellery likes to feel special, so clean it every couple of months with a polishing cloth to bring back its shine. You can also use a combination of warm soapy water and an ammonia-free dishwashing soap to keep it sparkling, if you’re feeling fancy.


Pearls live by the motto - look but don’t touch (the natural oils in your fingers can dull their shine). They’re soft and gentle little things, so keep them away from hairspray, handle them with care and don’t forget to tell them you love them at least once a day.

Precious Gemstones

Keep your sapphires, rubies and other precious stones shiny, by scrubbing them lightly with a soft-bristled brush, warm water and detergent-free soap at the first sign of grime. Apart from that they’re pretty low maintenance really, unlike you...

When you aren’t wearing your Jeryco pieces, always store them safely in a soft-lined jewellery box.

Styles that are this special deserve nothing but the best.


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