Shop some of the world's finest independent jewellery, for less.
A treasure trove is by definition a collection of delightful things, and we think there’s
nothing more wonderful than demi-fine jewellery at a discounted price. This is the
only part of Jeryco Store where you can find a highly curated edit of our favourite
designs for a reduced cost.
How are we able to offer these prices?
As a small business that’s still learning, sometimes we over-order our stock.
There’s nothing worse than beautiful jewellery that is never worn, so instead of
keeping our excess pieces in storage we want to share them with you. Please note -
none of the styles are damaged, faulty or substandard, they’re simply left without a
home and are ready and waiting to be worn.
This exclusive sales page is the only place you’ll be able to find some of these
sustainable creations at this price, so if you see something you like, be quick. Pieces
in the treasure trove don’t tend to hang around very long before they’re snatched up
by a watchful jewellery lover.
Keep this URL a secret, or share it. But only with your most trusted friends.
This page is special.

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